‚ÄčDear Mrs. Vermillion,

I can't wait to read your book

"Hound Dawg." Is he related to ELVIS?

Love, Gracie

Dear Mrs. Vermillion,

I didn't know grapefruit grew in Texas! I liked that you wrote the classic story with a Texas twist.

From Bella

Dear Mrs. Vermillion, 

I loved "Texas Chili? Oh My!" It gave me a great feeling!

Love, Emma

Dear Mrs. Vermillion,

I really love your rhyme and alliteration.I also loved how you did the 3 little armadillos.

Love, Katherine

Dear Mrs Vermillion,

I love your new book so much. I think it was so creative that you made a Texas version of "The Three Little Pigs". I LOVED the armadillos.!

Love, Whitney

Dear Mrs. Vermillion,

I loved the part in your book where Trickster Coyote jumped into a pot of fire ants!

Love, Brooke

Dear Mrs. Vermilion,

I loved your book "Texas Chili? Oh My!" The thought of the 3 little armadillos makes my stomach laugh!

Love, Mia