Dallas Book Festival at Dallas Public Library

2018 Dallas Book Festival

Founded in 2006 as the Dallas International Book Festival, the 2018 Dallas Book Festival will mark the twelfth anniversary of the Dallas Public Library’s premiere literary event. The Dallas Book Festival is a community-based literary event promoting reading, literacy, and writing and featuring over 100 local, regional and national authors. Activities include writing workshops, story times and activities for children, and music and dance performances.

This year the Dallas Book Festival is being held in conjunction with the Dallas Festival of Ideas to create a unique, unprecedented event in downtown Dallas.

Juega Conmigo Family Celebration

Come Play With Me: A Juega Conmigo Family Celebration
Thank you to the over 200 children and parents who attended our Juega Conmigo program family celebration on June 10th! We had so much fun celebrating play, learning, and literacy. Thanks to CCF Advisory Council members, all children attending the event received a copy of Patricia Vermillion’s book Texas Chili? Oh My! after her bilingual book reading.


ChildCareGroup is an early childhood education leader in Dallas, serving 50,000+ children, parents and teachers each year. Read more about it at the link below…


Making Friends with Billy Wong

This title caught my eye! I have a family connection. My grandson’s grandfather is Chinese American with the last name Wong. The SOUTHERN words… Azalea, Paris Junction, Arkansas, Grandma Clark, The Guiding Light…that was all I needed to dive right into this story. And true to her words and her writing, Augusta Scattergood does it again! She weaves a tale of charm and delight that warms your heart. Making Friends with Billy Wong

The Word Collector

…. by Sonja Wimmer
Illustrated by Sonja Wimmer
Translated by Jon Brokenbrow
Published by Cuento de Luz

Luna, whose name means “Moon” in Spanish, was a little girl that lived high up in the sky. She was passionate about words and collected them. She collected “funny words that tickle your palate when you say them, words so beautiful that they make you cry, friendly words that embrace your soul.” But when she notices that less words are reaching her up in the sky, that people are forgetting all the beautiful words, Luna knows is time to act. “She put all of the words she had in a big suitcase, and set off with them on a journey.” Luna embarks on a journey that will help her spread the power of positive words all over the world.

The Word Collector is a beautiful picture book, an ode to language and words. Sonja Wimmer plays with fonts and text placement along the story, making us trace the path of the words along the page. The changes in type and orientation of the text are complemented by whimsical illustrations that take us to a dreamlike world. Each page asks to be savored, each detail taken into account. I loved the fact that even after the translation of the text from Spanish to English, there were places where words in Spanish could still be spotted (framed picture that reads “las palabras locas”, or a paper airplane made from a Spanish newspaper). There is an addendum where the text is written in a more conventional manner to make it easier to read -good idea to go here first, if you’re trying to share it as a read aloud.

The Word Collector will capture any reader, young and old, who loves language and words. With lyrical text, beautiful language and illustrations, this is a delightful addition to any home or classroom library.
Posted by Natalia Ortega-Brown

I love this book—It is what I do—collect WORDS!