Hound Dawg

Patricia Vermillion. Cheryl Pilgrim. 2015. ISBN: 978-0-87565-615-1 

Bessie, Calico, and Penny work their fingers to the bone down on the cotton farm. But Hound Dawg, he’s a couch potato . . . lazy, lazy, lazy. Hold on now . . . something has caught Hound Dawg’s eye . . . something that changes his life forever. 


Patricia Vermillion has a highly developed sense of place – and of fun! You can’t help reading her Southern twist on The Little Red Hen with a slight twang and finishing it with a BIG GRIN.”—Author and poet Liz Garton Scanlon

“HOUND DAWG is certain to earn many awards for you and the illustrator. The additional facts you wrote at the end of your delightful story are an added surprise and very interesting. I wish you much deserved success with your new book. My heartiest congratulations!”—author and illustrator Robert Quackenbush