A Reading Partner for Emerald

Patricia Vermillion. Lily Thompson. 2023. ISBN: 978-0875658568

Emerald loves to read. She lives in a library surrounded by books, yet she is lonely. Everyone wants a reading partner. Especially Emerald. Exploring the library bookshelves, Emerald meets friends who ask to read together, but none of their stories have that magic spark. Only when Emerald acts quickly to save a friend in need does she find the perfect reading partner–and the tale she longed to read. This 32-page picture book celebrates the joy of reading with a friend.

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“Vermillion’s animal characters are brimming with life. Each one is as vivid and ‘bright as a summer blade of grass.’ Slither, Romeo, and Stinker will enchant readers with their rattling, alarming, and stinky ways. And every reader who has ever wanted a friend will know and understand Emerald’s heart as they follow her journey to find her just-right reading partner.” —Jody Stout, Head Librarian at The Lamplighter School

A Reading Partner for Emerald would make an excellent addition to any elementary school library collection.   It is an engaging and cleverly written book with adorable animal characters and a happy ending for Emerald, the lizard.”  —Mary Ann Cambell, Librarian